2017 Super Bowl commercials: Check out latest leaked ads, best and worst of all time

For football fans, the Super Bowl is appointment viewing each year, pitting the final two teams standing against each other to determine that season’s NFL champion. For non-football fans, the Super Bowl is also a must-watch experience, to find out which commercials everyone is going to be talking about on Monday.
How do you know that everyone will be watching? Just look at what advertisers are willing to pay to get their 30-second spot in front of a Super Bowl audience: Buying a 30-second spot will cost over $5 million on average, according to Variety.

While some advertisers wait to make their big reveal during the game and others come up with a unique plan on how to make every penny spent count (more on that in a minute), others make their ads available to watch before kickoff. Below is more on what you can expect to see on Super Bowl Sunday, as well as the best and worst Super Bowl commercials of all-time.

Commercials for Super Bowl LI

This isn’t the actual Snickers ad, but there’s a very good reason for that: the company will be shooting their commercial, which features “Star Wars” star Adam Driver, live. Here’s their teaser for the spot:

Advertising Age reports that it’s the first time a commercial will be shown live during the Super Bowl since 1981, when Schiltz ran a live taste test during Super Bowl XV.


The tech company enlisted Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for their commercial:

Intel also managed a little bit of luck, as they debuted their commercial well before Brady and his team earned their spot in the big game.

Buffalo Wild Wings

B-Dubs is teaming up with Packers great Brett Favre on a series of spots leading up to their commercial during Super Bowl LI. Here’s the first:

You can follow the man himself on Twitter to keep up with the campaign.


The website builder/domain hosting company follows John Malkovich’s quest to sign up for a URL:

Squarespace’s Super Bowl spots have previously featured Jeff Bridges, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.


The car manufacturer is going with a dance-themed ad to promote the 2018 LC 500 performance coupe. Here’s an extended version of the spot:

If the performer looks familiar, it’s because Lil’ Buck is also in the Apple AirPods commercial that debuted this January.


The candy company may wind up with the biggest buzz of all Super Bowl commercials by the time the game is over. Here’s a look:

It’s already appeared on YouTube’s list of trending videos and had amassed more than 500,000 by Wednesday afternoon after going live the previous day.


After years of being known for their risque ads, the Internet service provider has gone lighter in recent years. They appear to be continuing in that vein with this year’s spot. Here are several teasers for their Super Bowl ad:

The actual Super Bowl ad will turn “The Internet” into a person. Don’t anticipate a famous celebrity playing the role, per Advertising Age.


The tax preparation company dropped their first teaser during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, featuring none other than Humpty Dumpty:

Two additional teasers are scheduled leading up to the company’s 45-second Super Bowl spot, per Advertising Age.


The website builder’s ad answers a very important question: What happens when Wonder Woman meets The Transporter?

The ad above debuted on YouTube Live and Facebook Live and has amassed 2.2 million views in the eight days since its release.


The auto company will be advertising its 2017 Kia Niro during the game, but they dropped a 15-second teaser this week:

Melissa McCarthy, star of the long-running CBS sitcom “Mike & Molly,” features in the spot.

Mr. Clean

The official cleaner of Super Bowl LI, Mr. Clean released its teaser commercial this week in advance of their Super Bowl offering:

The company plans to premiere their Super Bowl spot on Jan. 27.
Avocados from Mexico

The avocado awareness organization features Jon Lovitz in their hypnotic teaser for this year’s offering:

The organization earned plenty of buzz for its first Super Bowl ad in 2015 featuring the “First Draft Ever.”

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